How to Withdraw Singapore Sweep Prize Money

Here are the steps on how to withdraw Singapore Sweep prize money:

  1. Check the results. Make sure that you have won a prize before you proceed with the withdrawal process. You can check the results online, at any Singapore Pools outlet, or by SMS.
  2. Gather your documents. You will need to present your original photo identification document (NRIC for Singaporeans and PRs or passport for foreigners) and your winning ticket(s) when you claim your prize.
  3. Choose your withdrawal method. You can choose to withdraw your prize money in cash or by cheque. If you choose to withdraw your prize money in cash, you will need to go to a Singapore Pools outlet. If you choose to withdraw your prize money by cheque, you will need to provide your bank account details.
  4. Submit your claim. You can submit your claim at any Singapore Pools outlet or online. If you submit your claim online, you will need to scan and upload your documents.

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Here are the withdrawal limits for Singapore Sweep prize money:

  • Prize amounts up to $5,000: You can withdraw your prize money in cash at any Singapore Pools outlet.
  • Prize amounts above $5,000: You will need to submit a claim for a cheque at the Singapore Pools Main Branch.

Please note that the withdrawal process may take a few days. Once your claim has been processed, you will receive your prize money in the manner you chose.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when withdrawing your Singapore Sweep prize money:

  • You have 30 days from the date of the draw to claim your prize.
  • If you do not claim your prize within 30 days, it will be forfeited.
  • You cannot claim your prize on behalf of someone else.
  • You must be the legal owner of the winning ticket(s) in order to claim your prize.


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